There is a group of friends, who really love music, especially 4/4, house, tech­house and techno. Their several years of cooperation resulted in many different successful projects producing the finest kind of electronic music.

The first step in their coming together was the Bit Busters formation­ including artists like : HiBoo(Boolint), Woody / BitBusters / and Tímea Szegedi (vocal) providing a unique music experience for the fans.

Later the group has been joined by Gra3o, having common history in making an online radio show together starting from mid 2015, called MadCity at the MREG ­ Musical Regeneration webradio channel, every second Friday evening.

Given these four talented artists and their growing success, they decided to bring their knowledge and taste of music to a greater audience.

They draw a large number of electronic music lovers at every appearance, playing a nice selection from house to techno still keeping up to the highest standards and same direction, accompanied by Timea Szegedi’s beautiful vocal.

This is MadCity